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User Guide - Complaints

Making a Complaint

  • This article will show you the steps needed to make a complaint to The Independent Parking Committee.
  • First you'll need to navigate to our complaints page. There is a link in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or you may click here.

    It will take you to the following page. If you've not already got an account with The Independent Parking Committee, you'll want to register your details. If you have got an account, you may login using your existing details. Please click the appropriate link (links highlighted red in the image below) to Register or Login.
  • Depending upon which button you have clicked, you will be taken to a User Registration page or the Login page.

    Please complete the fields shown on the page with your details.

    If on the User Registration page, you may click 'Submit' (circled in red below), Otherwise click Login.
  • You be shown the following dialogue. At this stage you'll receive an email requesting you verify your email address. We do this so that we know we're able to contact you regarding your complaint.
  • Once you've clicked the verification link in the email we sent you, you will automatically get forwarded to the page pictured below. You might also get to this page by clicking 'OK, I have verified My E-mail' as long as you've verified your email previously to clicking the button.

    This is where you will complete your complaint.

    You will have to select the Parking Operator that the basis of your complaint is regarding. If the Operator is not listed they may not be a member of ours, in which case we will not be able to deal with your complaint.

    You may also enter a PCN number which may aid our investigation.

    Finally, enter a short subject and then the basis of your complaint in the relevant fields. Once done, you may click 'Submit Complaint' (circled in red).
  • If your complaint was lodged successfully you will see the following dialogue.


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