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Self-ticketer and Self-ticketing are defined terms in the IPC Code of Practice

“Self-ticketer” means a person not employed by an Operator to issue a parking charge or record evidence of a Parking Event on behalf of an Operator.

“Self-ticketing” means a process where a landowner or other person acting on behalf of the landowner/occupier issues a parking charge or records evidence of a Parking Event on behalf of the Operator.

Furthermore, "Self-ticketer" includes anyone who issues parking charges, warning notices or gathers information/evidence who is not employed by a parking operator.

This includes:

  • Individuals
  • Self-employed parking wardens
  • Managers who supervise groups of people who self-ticket at locations like universities or hospitals etc.

These provisions have been put in place to uphold standards of parking industry professionalism and to ensure that the UK motoring public has confidence in the private parking industry.

Furthermore, it provides a level of protection for parking operators in cases where a self-ticketer goes rogue and acts unlawfully. These situations have the potential for a parking operator to be struck off by the DVLA. Similarly, all parking facilities where self-ticketing is carried out will also need to be registered.

Self-ticketers will be required to register with The IPC before they can administer a parking charge or gather evidence relating to a parking event.

Application costs £25 plus VAT and if successful lasts for two years (24 months) 

Renewal costs £12.50 plus VAT

There are three categories of self-ticketer:

  • Individuals
  • Parking attendants
  • Organisations

Obligations of an Organisation who manages Self-Ticketers

The organisation is required to oversee individuals who are employed to compile evidence for the issue of a parking charge within the organisation and ensure that:

  • they comply with the obligations set out below for Self-ticketers
  • you maintain records of training given to individuals who act as self-ticketers

Self-Ticketer Obligations

Before undertaking any enforcement action, a Self-Ticketer must ensure that they:

  • understand the process of Self-Ticketing
  • understand the boundaries of the site
  • check if all the signs located on the site – especially the terms and conditions signage – are clear/legible, are displayed in prominent locations and in sufficient numbers to ensure that people using the site are aware of the terms and conditions

Whilst undertaking enforcement action, they must:

  • check if there is any vehicle in breach, i.e. not complying with the stated terms and conditions on the site
  • take note of anything that seems to be important
  • follow the Operator’s instructions to obtain photographic evidence and, when required, placing a parking charge on the windscreen of the vehicle(s)
  • take photographic evidence showing
  • an overview of all the other signs located on the site
  • how the vehicle is in breach
  • the vehicle registration mark (VRM)
  • an overview of the vehicle and conditions sign
  • a close-up view of the terms and conditions sign
  • an overview of all the other signs located on the site
  • ensure that the photos taken clearly show that the vehicle was breaching the terms and conditions
  • ensure that parking charges are issued only in accordance with the terms and conditions that are written on the sign(s)
  • issue just one parking charge within a calendar day for the same Motorist who is breaching the terms and conditions
  • N.B. If the same Motorist continues to breach the terms and conditions on the following day, you may only issue a new parking charge 12 hours after the previous parking charge has been issued
  • always maintain a professional standard of conduct
  • avoid any conflict with Motorists
  • look and listen
  • be polite and respectful
  • never act in a violent manner
  • call for help, if necessary
  • walk away if you realise that verbal communication is not working, it is better to be safe than sorry

Whilst undertaking enforcement action, they must not:

  • collect money, directly or indirectly, from Motorists of vehicles in breach
  • be violent or disrespectful to Motorists
  • use any tactics to induce Motorists to incur parking charges
  • fabricate or edit evidence
  • withhold evidence or information
  • provide false or misleading information


Self ticketer approval lasts for 24 months. The Compliance Officer will be notified by email one calendar month, prior to the expiry date. The self ticketer application will need to be reviewed and updated with changes, you will also need to provide an updated signed application form. The cost per renewal is £12.50 plus VAT. A charge will be applicable for audits which are not approved in the first instance.

A bite size video has been created to help show you how to register a Self-ticketer click here

If you would like any additional information or have any questions please contact info@theipc.info