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Dyl Kurpil

Managing Director


Dyl is an inspiring and forward-looking legal professional who has spent over 20 years protecting the rights of individuals and organisations; first as a police officer, then through various not-for-profit legal advisory services before founding District Enforcement Limited (District).

As Managing Director of District, Dyl utilises his entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and build effective service delivery lines, whether that be in the fields of environmental crime enforcement, car park management or the regulation of the UK's inland waterways. Drawing on the practical experience gained during his policing career, and the academic knowledge attained achieving his Master of Law degree with distinction, Dyl has been able to apply processes that are not only legally robust but also meet the ethical standards expected of legal professionals.

Working across a range of sectors, be it private land or public open spaces, Dyl's vision of effecting behavioural change via engagement, education and enforcement is clearly embedded into the core objectives of District with all employees committed to protecting the integrity of shared values, rights and environments enjoyed by society as a whole.