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James De Savary


James began his career in parking in 2006 when he owned and managed a large site in which a car park made up part of the property.

Napier Parking Ltd was formed at the end of 2006 to offer an at arms length enforcement solution to tackle the large volume of motorists that abused the clearly advertised terms and conditions of parking at the single parking site that James owned. Napier has now grown to be a national operator, managing group related properties and also those of third party clients.

James has dealt with most aspects of the parking industry, from physically issuing Parking Charges Notices on the ground, early litigation pre POFA and pre Beavis to land purchases, car park constructions and abandoned vehicles to name a few. Having been both a small and medium sized operator as well as a landowner James appreciates the difficulties and constraints that operators and landowners across the UK face on a day to day basis.

Anyone who has met James will know his passion about the private parking sector, his determination to stand up for landowner and operator rights whilst not eroding the quality and fairness offered to the motoring public who make use of private parking sites.

Napier Parking Ltd now manages approximately 60 sites across England and Wales. James is also actively involved in a number of landowning entities that invest in land and properties with a parking theme. He has also invested in other areas of the parking sector.

Outside the parking industry James has interests in both Property and Leisure.