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Lee Burton

Managing Director


How long have you worked for HUB? What have your past jobs entailed?

I had the pleasure of joining HUB in April 2018 and I am looking forward to the challenge of leading the UK business and team in what is a very competitive market. Having worked in parking now for a little over 17 years in a variety of roles you could say I have been around the block a little.

My career started with Meteor Parking but actually as a BD Manager for the Security side of the business, I was then given the opportunity to work in Operations and Contract Management, which is where I found my feet and enjoyment. During this time, I had control of retail sites, hospitals and successfully launched Meteor into the rail sector. From there, I moved to Excel Parking as a Regional Manager and had a great time learning about different aspects of parking operations and specifically the enforcement side. While there will be lots of people that roll their eyes to such a function outside of our industry, it is a necessity in some cases. What this role enabled me to do was to learn how to best apply such schemes, while delivering a high level of service to clients and customers alike.

This role led me to join Secure Parking which had been notably successful in locking down contracts with Westfield, at both Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City. This was even more impressive when I found out that they mobilised to set up Westfield London within six weeks from Australia. During my time with Secure I held the roles of Contract Manager, Commercial Manager and General Manager Operations. I was then approached for a role to join Westfield London as their Car Park Manager, which was an opportunity that could not be missed and gave me the opportunity to effect change from the client side of the table and deliver on a greater vision. This role tested every element of my experience both commercially and operationally, but also gave me the opportunity to challenge the market and innovate through technology and best practice. In addition, I was able to deliver on a complete refurbishment package from floor resurfacing to payment equipment and bay monitoring, whilst also scoping full services for Westfield London's Phase 2 launch making it the largest Centre in Europe. What do you like about the HUB product, choosing one particular product feature particularly? HUB stood out to me after seeing the level analytics being produced and the links they have made with Tableau. The industry has matured significantly and so have the demands from the customer, this means offering payment platforms, validation, ANPR and barrier systems is simply not enough. Clients want to be able to profile their car parks and the customers in it, they want to manage these assets on numbers and trends and not anecdotal feedback. HUB offer a data rich environment and simplified dashboard system for presenting this data which is fully customisable.

Interesting facts or hobbies you undertake so we can get to know you a little better. I have been a very keen motorcyclist for many years and with the weather now changing I am looking forward to riding out at the weekends. If it has an engine and it can raise the heart rate a little then I am interested, for me it's a great way to have fun and relax after a hard week. As I type this though, I remember that I am in the final stages of buying a house that could only be described as a massive project so will see most weekends absorbed by the great world of DIY. Great/interesting project you've worked on The most challenging and interesting experience of my career would have to be my role within the team delivering Westfield London's Phase 2. In very basic terms, their construction team effectively built what would be a large shopping centre and then bolted it to what was already an amazing centre, a crude description maybe; but covers the point. Logistically, this was a massive challenge building something so large while maintaining an operational centre and car park. As a business Westfield are extremely collaborative, innovative and professional in everything that they do, and it was fantastic to be part of it!