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Accredited Operator Scheme Members

Accredited Operator Scheme

It is a requirement of all ATA’s to publish a list of members of the Accredited Operators Scheme.

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Accredited Service Provider Scheme

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Higher Education Scheme

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Accredited Service Provider Scheme

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Corporate Members Scheme

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Corporate Members Scheme

Code of Practice

The Accredited Operator Scheme is the IPC’s membership option for parking operators. Membership of the Scheme requires compliance with the Code of Practice and ensures motorists who receive a parking charge are able to appeal to an independent lawyer should they choose to appeal their ticket through the Independent Appeals Service.

A copy of the Code Of Practice can be found here.

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The IPC offers competitive rates for membership. The application documents can be found in the membership section to the right.

The application can be returned via e-mail to contact@theipc.info or by post to: The IPC, PO Box 662, Macclesfield, SK10 9NR.

For membership queries, please contact us through this form.

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form

Compliance Monitoring and Complaints

It is a requirement of all ATAs to have an enforceable Code of Practice. The IPC operates a sanction system in order to encourage compliance. This includes a complaints procedure which allows people who feel that an operator is not complying with the code to refer matters to us.

You must first complain directly to the Operator.

If you were to complain directly to the IPC, the first thing that we would do is require the Operator to respond to it. For this reason we require all complaints to be directed to the Operator in the first instance so that they may try and resolve matters with you.

You should keep copies of all correspondence as, if you are not happy with the response that the operator gives you, you may then send details of your complaint, the operator’s response and the reasons as to why you are not happy with their response to the IPC who will inquire into the matter.

For details of how to lodge your complaint please see our Frequently Asked Questions.


Please read carefully - the IPC can only review complaints against operators subject to the following limitations:

Complaints must:

  1. Relate to a specific incident between the person complaining and the Operator,
  2. Identify a material, sanctionable breach of the IPC Code of Practice by the operator, and

The IPC cannot:

  1. interfere with decisions of Parking Operators in relation to the validity of charges that they issue
  2. interfere with or influence in any way, the decisions of the Independent Appeals Service

A complaints handler will then review your complaint and the operator’s response against the above criteria and take any necessary action. The IPC will endeavor to respond to you within 28 days with the result of your complaint. Where a complaint is of sufficient gravity, it may be referred to an independent adjudicator, in which case you will be notified but your complaint may take longer than 28 days to resolve. We thank you for your patience in advance.