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This is a list of all the members of the IPC. If you would like to find members who are operating parking facilities please click here

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Parkpay Services LTD (Trading as Park-Pay)


Parkshield Collection Ltd (Trading as PCP Enforcement Agency and P.C.P.E.A)


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PCN (NW) Ltd (Trading as PCN NW)


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Phoenix Parking Solutions Limited (Trading as Phoenix Parking)


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PM Solutions (MCR) LTD (Trading as SV Parking)


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Premier Parking Enforcement LTD (Trading as Premier Parking Enforcement)


Premier Parking Solutions Ltd (Trading as Premier Parking Solutions Ltd)


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All our accredited operators must comply with our Code of Practice. Where our operator issues a parking charge to a driver of a vehicle they are able to request registered keeper details from the DVLA to enforce that charge. Our members are afforded this ability as the DVLA have accredited us as an Accredited Trade Association.

The list refers to the name of the member, beneath which is shown the day that their membership began and where available, the member's web address.

Please note that there are currently two Accredited Trade Associations, if you are trying to establish whether a particular company is a member of an ATA (and therefore able to request vehicle keeper details from DVLA) and you are not able to find them on this list, please refer to the list maintained by the British Parking Association of their members which can be found here.

Where this logo is displayed, it is likely that that the operator that is displaying it is a member of the British Parking Association.