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Accredited Service Provider

On the 1st August 2013 we announced our first members of the Accredited Operators Scheme (AOS). Since this date we have evolved significantly, making a real impact on the private parking sector. We have developed the scheme in response to demands from both the public and our own operators, wanting the IPC to make further improvements to the sector.
What is a Back-Office Service Provider?

A Back-Office service provider is an organisation which takes an Operator's Parking Charge Notices and can perform various administrative functions, on behalf of the Operator, through to the ultimate collection of the charge.

What is the Accredited Service Provider (ASP) Scheme?

The IPC has introduced a membership category (ASP) whereby a Back Office Service Provider can perform, on its client's behalf, all of the benefits of being an accredited member of the IPC.

Benefits to IPC AOS Members

Using a member of the IPC ASP scheme as a back office service provider gives you the assurance that the documents being sent are compliant with our Code of Practice and not misleading. It also ensures that safeguards are in place to ensure only appropriate letters are sent.

Benefits to Back-Office Service Providers

Becoming a member of the ASP Scheme offers numerous benefits to back office service providers. Being a member gives your customers the confidence that your practices are compliant with our Code of Practice. Additionally, it demonstrates that you are committed to ensuring that you provide the highest level of customer service to your Operators.

ASP Members

It is a requirement of all ATA's to publish a list of members of the Accredited Service Providers.

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